Area Meetings






P&A @ 2PM


H&I @ 3PM

PR @ 3PM



Monday Meditation Meeting

Masks Mandatory

Moon Twp

Monday 7:30pm

Primary Purpose

Masks Mandatory

Ellwood City

Monday 7:30pm

Sewickley Basic Test

Masks Mandatory


Monday 7:30pm


Peer Pressure

Masks Mandatory


Monday 7:30pm

Ties That Bind 

Masks Optional


Tuesdays 7pm, Baden

Common Bond

Masks Must Be Worn Entering and Leaving the Church

Tuesday 7pm

Temporary meeting place

Chippewa United Methodist

Church, 3rd floor 

2545 Darlington Road Beaver Falls 15010

Tower of Power

Masks Required


Tuesday 7:30pm

Easy Does It

Masks Required

Beaver, PA

Wednesday 2pm

Chapter Nine

Masks and social distancing required

Ambridge, PA

Wednesday 7:30pm

Double Bubble

Beginner's Discussion meeting only

Aliquippa, PA

Wednesday 7pm

Principles First

Masks and social distancing required

Coraopolis, PA

Wednesday 7:30pm


Essence Group

Masks are required 

Beaver Falls


Doors 4pm Meeting at 5pm

Hugs Not Drugs

Masks Required

Aliquippa, PA

Thursday 7pm

More will be Revealed

Chippewa, PA

Thursday 7:30pm


Sewickley, PA

Thursday 7:30pm

Click this link to see the guidelines requested by their meeting place

Turning It Over

Ambridge, PA

Thursday 7:30pm

Point of Freedom

Oakdale, PA

Friday 8pm

Masks must be worn at all times, social distancing required, no food or drink allowed

Clean For Today

Aliquippa, PA

Friday 8:30pm


Really in need of support

Masks are optional, not required.

Rochester, PA

Saturday 1pm

Courage to Change

Masks Optional

Aliquippa, PA

Saturday 7pm

Back to Basics

Chippewa, PA

Saturday 8pm

Candlelight Recovery

Masks Optional

Vanport, PA

Saturday 10:30pm

Conscious Contact

Vanport, PA

Sunday 11am

Give It A Chance

Coraopolis, PA

Sunday 7pm

We Are Free

Chippewa, PA

Sunday 7pm

It's About Change

Masks Required

Ambridge, PA

Sunday 7:30pm

Area Service needs you!!!!

P & A - 2:00 pm

Activities - 2:30 pm

H & I - 3:00 pm

PR - 3:00 pm 


Area Service - 4:00 pm


Come support Beaver Valley NA!

Meets First Sunday of the month @ 4:00PM.

Church of the Savior.

420 Maplewood Ave. Ambridge, Pa 15003



Meeting Announcements

Updated 3/16/21

Jail H&I Commitments are suspended until further notice.

Jail Training's will be rescheduled to a later date.


Group Anniversaries​​

Meetings Closed until further notice

New Recovery (Tuesdays 12:30pm, Ambridge)

Clean Tyme (Wednesdays 7pm, Beaver Falls)

The Growing Tree (Fridays 6pm, Ambridge)

Caring and Sharing (Saturdays 12pm, Beaver Falls)

Lets Be One (Saturdays 7pm, Beaver Falls)

For Online meetings information please visit the online meetings page.

If your group has any changes or closures, please contact:

Jeremy H. 724-650-5010

Stephen G. 412-400-4465


Candlelight Recovery has a new meeting place starting 3/27. Beaver United Methodist Church, 345 College Ave., Beaver PA 15009.


Conscious Contact resumed its meeting at the Drug and Alcohol Building in Vanport at 11 am. Doors will open at 10.

Monday Night Meditation has no snow removal, so in inclement weather, attendees may have to utilize parking at the plaza nearby.

Essence has a new meeting place starting November 26th.  Trails Ministry 2.0 Office, 1275 7th Avenue, Beaver Falls.  Use the rear entrance and take the elevator to the 2nd floor.  The Thursday (5pm) meetings are still occurring, but the Monday afternoon and Friday night candlelight meeting is closed until further notice.

Easy Does It has a new meeting place. Beaver United Methodist Church, 345 College Avenue, Beaver, PA 15009, Wednesdays at 2pm. Masks are required.

Genesis is now meeting inside. There is access to bathrooms and coffee is available.

Point of Freedom has a new meeting place and time starting 10/23.  Crossroads Church, 1000 Crossroads Dr., Oakdale, PA 15071.  Meeting time is now 8pm-9pm.  Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing will be required. No food or drink allowed until further notice.

Places of Choice has a new meeting place. Ashes to Life church gymnasium. 831 4th Ave Beaver Falls

Clean For Today has a new meeting place starting 10/10/2020.  Crestmont Alliance Church, 100 Parkridge Dr., Aliquippa, PA 15001.

Peer Pressure has moved to the Roots Building, 392 Franklin Ave, Aliquippa, PA 15001.

Tuesday Night Miracles in Coraopolis has closed.

****** AS A REMINDER******

Area Service Needs Support!!!

Without a greater presence from GSR's we may not meet quorum and WILL NOT be able to conduct any business as an area.


It is recommended that every Beaver Valley home group have a GSR who attends the BVASC meeting the 1st Sunday of every month. Also, It is recommended that these GSR’s remain at area to give their reports and to vote on important area motions.


Please remember that how you present yourself outside of the meetings is how the public views NA at large. Please clean up after yourselves and act respectable.


Activities needs support! Please contact Amanda H. at 724-730-9457 if you're interested in getting involved​.

Groups in need of support

All Essence Groups, Genesis, Back To Basics, It's About Change, Easy Does It, More Will Be Revealed

These groups need support! Please show them support!



Open Positions

Treasurer- 3 years

RCM- 3 years
RCM B- 1 year

PR Chair- 2 years

News from PR :​​​

PR is in need of support. Please show up at area service at 3:00 pm the first Sunday of the month to help spread the message of hope to the public. There is no clean time requirement and it is a great way to get involved!

Helpline is in desperate need of support. Need 1 year or more clean to take calls. If interested in
Helpline workshop, please contact a PR member or come to next PR subcommittee meeting for more information.

News from H&I :

H&I is always in need of support, especially from women. If you are interested in helping to spread the message of hope, please come and sit in at area service @3PM the first Sunday of the month.

Any addict with 6 months or more clean can get involved with H&I as a co-chair. Please come to H&I next area service at 3pm if interested.

  • Gateway Women - Panel Coordinator, weeks 1, 2 open

  • Gateway Rest (long-term men's program) - 3rd week open

  • Gateway Rest (long-term women's program) - Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 open

  • Gateway Detox - 4th week open

  • Gateway Kappretta's Cove - Panel Coordinator, weeks 2, 4, and 5 open

​GSR Reminders:

When meeting dates and times are changed, they are able to be changed on the World website.  GSRs may go onto the World Services website to make any changes.  

BVNA minutes:

CLICK HERE for the current area minutes.

Policy and administration

For the current P&A guidelines CLICK HERE.

More about service?

P&A Guidelines

Updated 5/8/2019