Area Meetings


Meeting ID: 964 014 3624
Password: 840750


Monday Meditation Meeting

Masks are required

Please bring a chairs we will be meeting outside. 

Moon Twp

Monday 7:30pm

Primary Purpose

Masks are required

Please bring a chairs we will be meeting outside. 

Ellwood City

Monday 7:30pm


More will be Revealed

Chippewa, PA

Thursday 7:30pm


The meeting will be held outside. Masks are optional, not required.

Rochester, PA

Saturday 1pm

Courage to Change

Masks are required 

Aliquippa, PA

Saturday 7pm

Back to Basics

Chippewa, PA

Saturday 8pm

Essence Groups

Masks are required 

Beaver Falls


Doors 1pm Meeting at 2pm


Doors 4pm Meeting at 5pm

Friday (Candlelight)

Doors 7pm Meeting 8pm

Area Service needs you!!!!

P & A - 2:00 pm

Activities - 2:30 pm

H & I - 3:00 pm

PR - 3:00 pm 


Area Service - 4:00 pm


Come support Beaver Valley NA!

Meets First Sunday of the month @ 4:00PM.

Church of the Savior.

420 Maplewood Ave. Ambridge, Pa 15003



More about service?

Updated 5/29/20

Meeting Announcements

All Gateway and Jail H&I Commitments are suspended until further notice.

Jail Training's will be rescheduled to a later date.

Meetings Closed until further notice

Conscious Contact (Sundays 11am, Vanport)

It's About Change (Sundays 7:30pm, Ambridge)

Sewickley Basic Text (Mondays 7:30pm, Sewickley) 

Peer Pressure Group (Mondays 7:30pm, Aliquippa)

New Recovery (Tuesdays 12:30pm, Ambridge)

Common Bond (Tuesdays 7pm, Vanport)

Ties That Bind (Tuesdays 7pm, Baden)

Place of Choices (Tuesdays 7pm, Beaver Falls)

Easy Does It (Wednesdays 2pm, Monaca)

Clean Tyme (Wednesdays 7pm, Beaver Falls)

Chapter Nine Group (Wednesdays 7:30pm, Ambridge)

Principles First (Wednesday 7:30pm, Coraopolis)

Double Bubble (Wednesdays 7:30 & 8:30, Aliquippa)

Turning It Over (Thursdays 7:30pm, Ambridge)

Sweetwater Recovery (Thursdays 7:30, Sewickley)

The Growing Tree (Fridays 6pm, Ambridge)

Clean For Today (Fridays 8:30pm, Monaca)

Point Of Freedom (Fridays 8:30pm, Oakdale)

Caring and Sharing (Saturdays 12pm, Beaver Falls)

Lets Be One (Saturdays 7pm, Beaver Falls) Throughout March and April

Candlelight Recovery (Saturday 10:30pm, Vanport)

For Online meetings information please visit the online meetings page.

If your group has any changes or closures, please contact:

Jeremy H. 724-650-5010

Stephen G. 412-400-4465


Double Bubble meeting time has changed to 7:30pm-9:30pm until 4/9/20 due to Lent.

Back to Basics - New meeting place starting February 1st. Chippewa United Methodist Church. 2545 Darlington Rd., Beaver Falls, PA 15010.

Point of Freedom - Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Turning it Over - Has a new meeting place as of December 12th. Church of the Savior 420 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge, PA 15003.

Clean Tyme meeting time has changed to 7pm-8pm.


New Recovery needs support from experienced members able to sponsor.

Genesis is looking for home group and support from experienced NA members

All Homegroups that would like to vote on the CAR motions must send their votes via their GSR to Area Service on 4/5/2020. 

****** AS A REMINDER******


It is recommended that every Beaver Valley home group have a GSR who attends the BVASC meeting the 1st Sunday of every month. Also, It is recommended that these GSR’s remain at area to give their reports and to vote on important area motions.


Please remember that how you present yourself outside of the meetings is how the public views NA at large. Please clean up after yourselves and act respectable.


Activities is selling candy bars.

Groups in need of support

Double Bubble, Genesis, Give It A Chance, New Recovery, Let's Be One, Hugs Not Drugs

These groups need support! Please show them support!


Group Anniversaries​​

New Recovery (Postponed to a later date, More to be revealed)

Chapter Nine Group (Postponed to later date, More to be revealed)

Open Positions

Vice Treasurer- 2 years
P&A Chair- 2 years
RCM A- 2 years
RCM B- 1 year
BOD- 3 years

News from PR :​​​

PR is in need of support. Please show up at area service at 3:00 pm the first Sunday of the month to help spread the message of hope to the public. There is no clean time requirement and it is a great way to get involved!

Helpline is in desperate need of support. Need 1 year or more clean to take calls. If interested in
Helpline workshop, please contact a PR member or come to next PR subcommittee meeting for more information.

News from H&I :

H&I is always in need of support, especially from women. If you are interested in helping to spread the message of hope, please come and sit in at area service @3PM the first Sunday of the month.


H&I is in desperate need for support with both men and women’s jail. If you have the training, please come to the next H&I meeting. 

Any addict with 6 months or more clean can get involved with H&I as a co-chair. Please come to H&I next area service at 3pm if interested.

  • Men’s jail - 1st & 5th weeks open

  • Women’s jail - 3rd, 4th weeks  & panel coordinator open

  • Gateway Women - Week 4 open

  • Rest (long-term women's program) - Weeks 2 through 5, panel coordinator open

​GSR Reminders:

When meeting dates and times are changed, they are able to be changed on the World website.  GSRs may go onto the World Services website to make any changes.  

BVNA minutes:

CLICK HERE for the current area minutes.

Policy and administration

For the current P&A guidelines CLICK HERE.

P&A Guidelines

Updated 5/8/2019